Why did you decide to join Shionogi?

Among several companies I visited, only Shionogi’s researcher explained their objectives in their works in detail and how they communicate every day as a team. These were more impressive to me, in deciding which company to join, than their expertise.

How did you get here? What led you to Shionogi?

It was largely coincidental. I moved from research laboratories to the development section before transferring from the Japanese team to Shionogi Limited. I had many valuable experiences and enjoyed working at each of these stages. I’m not a religious person, but it could be called a will of ‘God’, ‘Buddha’, etc. I have been controlled by uncontrolled destinies, which always have provided me with exciting opportunities.

How does ‘patients first’ manifest itself in your work as part of Shionogi?

The mission of ‘patients first' is highly relevant for people working in a pharmaceutical company that has to produce profits. As human beings, it is often instinct to target short-term objectives to generate tangible results, and it is easy to sometimes lose track of the value of results that can’t be evaluated by profits. The term ‘patients first’ reminds us of the real value of working in Shionogi, and helps us to avoid going in the wrong direction.

How would you describe Shionogi Limited?

High potential organisation with ambitious, motivated and excellent people.