What made you decide to work within the pharmaceutical industry?

Health is one of the most important values of a human being. I think everybody can appreciate how a severe illness can significantly change our lives from one day to another.

Working in an industry which develops and provides healthcare to patients makes me proud and gives my working life a deeper meaning.

What is your favourite Shionogi ‘way of working’ and how do you try to live it each day?

The values of Shionogi – Humility, Authenticity & Passion clearly show that the company wants to make a real difference in bringing new drugs to patients. You can feel the ‘start-up energy’ in the company and the passion of everybody in the team to put the needs of patients into the centre of their daily work in order to live ‘patients first’. I try to remind myself every day of our ways of working e.g. “How can we support our patients” or ‘wacky ideas’ which means asking “how can we ..?”  instead of saying why we can’t. In addition, the mindful and respectful treatment of everybody in the team and transparency are important values for me.

Tell us one thing we don’t know about you…

Last year I had the chance to see a big manta ray whilst scuba diving; what a wonderful experience!

How would you describe Shionogi Limited?

Shionogi makes the difference – a team with passion and full of energy!

At Shionogi patient needs are lived on a day-to-day basis and the team really try to put a focus on ‘patients first’.