Dan Atkins
European Marketing Director, VP Innovation

Why did you decide to join Shionogi?

I met the team at Shionogi whilst working with them on a project. Having worked ‘agency side’ for the vast majority of my career you meet a lot of teams, companies and cultures. There actually haven’t been too many occasions when I thought, ‘there’s a team I would like to be a permanent part of.’ The team at Shionogi are different; I jumped at the chance to join them.

What is your favourite Shionogi ‘way of working’ and how do you try to live it each day?

I rather like the ‘Butt in’ philosophy. If you have an idea, or an expertise that can assist in another work-stream, those ideas are always welcome.

Tell us one thing we don’t know about you…

I spent several years as the General Manager of the Professional Windsurfers Association, travelling to beaches around the world organising racing and wave sailing events, which was great fun.

How would you describe Shionogi Limited?

It’s a very inspiring place. It is truly an honour to be surrounded by a team of talented, intelligent professionals from a whole host of backgrounds, not just medical and pharmaceutical but also engineering, business and consultancy.